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November 11, 2006 Inc. launches new online charitable giving service: Gift Catalogue

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)-October 15, 2006-C.N Wylie Group Inc. today announced the launch of a new online fundraising service through Inc.
Gift Catalogue

The Gift Catalogue System provides donors with the ability to control how they direct their donations. This system allows the donor to select an item from an online catalogue and designate that item as a gift for a recipient. For example, a donor can select a goat, a chicken or some medical supplies. These gifts are then purchased for a fixed price per gift.

The donor can designate these items as gifts for friends, family or co-workers. The recipient would receive a card celebrating the donation as a gift in-lieu of the usual material gifts typically given for special occasions.
Some of the functionality includes:
a.. Catalogue of gifts
b.. More information on each gift and how your purchase of the gift helps
c.. Send a card: traditional card or ecard
d.. Purchase multiple gifts at one time

With a little imagination the system is applicable to almost every charity and not-for-profit.

For examples see:

C.N. Wylie Group Inc.

Since 1994, C.N. Wylie Group Inc and Strategic Profits Inc. have developed innovative, proprietary software solutions in four key areas.
"All software is designed to assure there are no breaks in security anywhere in the chain of software components delivered to our customer", explains CEO, Catherine Pagliaro, " The incorporation of the four new companies representing the four core brand technologies sets the stage for an aggressive rollout throughout the Unites States, Europe and Asia-Pacific over the next 18 months." Inc.

Founded in 1998 during the pilot. offers charities and not-for-profits a full range of e-philanthropy management tools for cost effective fundraising online as well as to help decrease operating costs.

For more information contact:
Catherine Pagliaro CN Wylie Group Inc. 1-800-811-7811
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